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Audio Switching


CCS-2 Computer Control Switch

World-Class flexible switching for seamless integration of a Main and Backup playback systems USB/KVM/MIDI with a variety of features.


Automatic switcher for the Nemesis range. Detects the presence of playback signals using either a 1 kHz tone or SMPTE time code.

ACS-1 Auto Control Switch


The all in one automated stereo audio switcher. Build for professionals in mind using balanced audio and intelligent auto detection.

ACS-PLUS Stereo Auto Switch

DANTESW-1 Grey 2023.png

Switches from 2 DANTE streams into a single stream. 32 channel as standard. Upgradable to 96 channel with additional DANTE cards.

DANTESW-1 Switchover Unit


AD16SW Switchover Unit

16 channel ADAT switchover unit with built in 2 channel word clock distribution amplifier allowing switching between two ADAT compliant devices.

RS8-M G.png

RS8-M & R Switchover Unit

8 way A/B switcher allowing two inputs to be routed through to a single output. Illuminated front mounted A/B buttons. Optional remote operation.


64 channel MADI digital audio switchover at 48kHz/96kHz with BNC and Industry Standard SC Optical Input/Output connections.

MADISW Switchover Unit

ANA-SW8 G.png

8-channel analogue changeover unit, allowing switching between two analogue devices with industry standard Neutrik XLR connectors.

ANA-SW8 Switchover Unit


CCS-2 expansion board for control of external equipment such as AV switchers or servers that have an RS232 control input.

CCS2EXS - Serial Expander


CCS-2 expansion board that adds USB MIDI for devices which do not include 5-pin DIN connectors (e.g. Korg Nano, Launchpad, etc).

CCS2EXM - USB Midi Expander

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