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CCS-2 HD* Computer Control Switch

Front image of the Nemesis CCS-2 Computer Control Switch

Clarity, reproduction and playback are vitally important to the quality of a production. As the emphasis is more and more on computer based sound playback systems the reliability of equipment and the seamless integration of devices is paramount to a successful production. Interruption of the playback during a performance is simply not an option.

The Nemesis CCS-2 aims to minimise the risks involved with such a key aspect to the production and to make sure that any unwanted interruption goes as unnoticed as possible.

The Nemesis CCS-2, with its multitude of in/out options, allows two computer systems - most commonly a "MAIN" and a "BACKUP" to share a keyboard, mouse and monitor as well as share distribution of GPI data and MIDI messages. The Nemesis CCS-2 can be easily remote controlled via closed contact from a control surface allowing the user to have full triggering control from any console.

Fully programmable functionality using the Nemesis Preset Manager software available for MacOS and PC, the Nemesis CCS-2 has flexibility and allows any end user to build a backup solution appropriate to their requirement.

CCS-2 HD Rear.png
Rear image of the Nemesis CCS-2 Computer Control Switch

Key features:

  • World-Class flexible switching for seamless integration of a Main and Backup playback system

  • Dual input/output DVI/VGA /USB KVM switch

HDMI specifications:

1920 x 1080 upto 60hz

1440 x 2550 upto 60hz

3840 x 2160 upto 30hz

Full stereo pass-through audio

  • Allows for split DVI / VGA / HDMI combinations on a single CCS-2

  • Flexible MIDI Message generator for interfacing external GPI to playback software

  • Integrated class compliant USB MIDI interface

  • 4 × Physical MIDI Ports (2 × configurable as IN or OUT, 2 × OUT) and flexible MIDI matrix

  • External switching via 5-Pin compatible remote button boxes

  • 4 × GPIO programmable relays

  • 11 × External GPI Inputs via D-SUB and XLR

  • Hot Plug Hold functionality for DVI video links

  • Dual-Redundant Wide-Range Input Power Supplies

  • Fully Programmable using Nemesis Preset Manager software for Mac and PC

  • Mac and PC Compatible connectivity

  • Upgrade with the CCS2EXM Expansion board allowing for external control via USB Midi

  • Upgrade with the CCS2EXS Expansion board allowing for external control via Serial RS232

  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 > 11

  • Compatible with Mac OS Mojave > Sonoma

  • Requires USB-A Port or Thunderbolt > USB-A Dock if on Apple Silicon

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