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Legacy Products

ANA-SW8 G.png

8-channel analogue changeover unit, allowing switching between two analogue devices with industry standard Neutrik XLR connectors.

ANA-SW8 Switchover Unit

MidiDog G.png

Programmable remote MIDI trigger for audio playback control with in-built message/track display ideal for click track playback systems.

MidiDog Programmable Trigger


AD16SW Switchover Unit

16 channel ADAT switchover unit with built in 2 channel word clock distribution amplifier allowing switching between two ADAT compliant devices.

RS8-M G.png

RS8-M & R Switchover Unit

8 way A/B switcher allowing two inputs to be routed through to a single output. Illuminated front mounted A/B buttons. Optional remote operation.

All the features of the UMT-2D with the addition of 2 large software-mappable control buttons and an integrated high quality stepped rotary encoder.

UMT-2Di MIDI Control Interface


DMXVF Video Fader

Dual Channel DMX Controlled Video Fader takes input signal to black while retaining sync signal. Built-in 4-output Video Distribution Amplifier per channel.

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