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AD16SW 16-Channel ADAT Switchover Unit

AD16SW Front.png

The Nemesis AD16SW is a 16 channel ADAT changeover unit, allowing switching between two ADAT compliant devices.

The Nemesis AD16SW is perfectly suited to theatre or on-stage backing track playback systems where backup redundancy is important, allowing a seamless switchover if the main playback source was to fail.

The large illuminated front panel buttons makes operation straightforward and includes built-in remote control switching for integration to external devices or direct connection to a master such as the Nemesis CCS-2 Control Switch.

The AD16SW also includes a 2-channel word clock distribution amplifier.

AD16SW Rear.jpg

Key Features:

  • Switch up to 16 Channels of Audio via dual 8-Channel ADAT paths (2 × 2-In/1-Out)

  • Industry standard TOSLINK optical connectors

  • In-Built Word Clock Distributor to provide digital clock signals for each source

  • Front Panel Word Clock Present and Frequency Indicators

  • Large illuminated front panel pushbutton switches facilitate easy source selection

  • Audio switching is performed on word clock edge to minimise digital spikes

  • 5-Pin XLR remote port for external control and remote source indication

  • 115V/230V Dual Mains Operation

  • Remote switching to allow sync with Nemesis CCS-2 Computer Control Switch

  • Remote switching via 3rd Party GPI connectors

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