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MADISW 64-Channel MADI Switchover Unit

The Nemesis MADISW 64 channel digital audio switchover unit is a reliable way to switch between two MADI sound sources, either at the push of a button, remotely via GPI or automatically as part of a changeover sequence direct from the Nemesis CCS-2 Computer Control Switch.

DMXVF Video Fader

The Nemesis DMXVF is a Dual Channel DMX Controlled Video Fader, designed to allow users to restrict light emission levels from monitor screens - particularly those mounted in an auditorium - when darkness is required during a production. By retaining a sync signal during a blackout the unit avoids the 'Signal Lost' message which would otherwise be shown on modern LCD screens.

CCS-2 Computer Control Switch

Clarity, reproduction and playback are vitally important to the quality of a production. As the emphasis is more and more on computer based sound playback systems the reliability of equipment and the seamless integration of devices is paramount to a successful production. Interruption of the playback during a performance is simply not an option.

ACS-1 Auto Control Switch

The Nemesis ACS-1 Auto Switcher is a 1U rackmount unit that automatically controls any of the Nemesis range of switchover units by detecting the presence of playback signals using either a 1 kHz tone or SMPTE time code

UMT-2D/i Multi-Button MIDI Control Interface

The Award Winning Nemesis UMT-2D is a perfect standalone solution for the complex external connectivity requirements of theatrical control and playback software, including QLab, CSC, SFX, SCS, Ableton Live and similar packages.

TCD-1 Time Code Display

The Nemesis TCD-1 Time Code Display is a multi-function unit designed not only as a display of your timecode function but can also operate as a timecode generator with the ability to output Linear Time Code (XLR) and MIDI Time Code (5-pin DIN) and convert from one to the other.

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