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MidiDog Programmable MIDI Trigger


The Nemesis MidiDog is a portable MIDI tool designed to facilitate remote triggering of audio playback sources, ideal for Click Track Playback systems.

Key features:

  • Sloped Desk Mount case with 8 large illuminated pushbutton switches

  • Large LCD display to indicate current message value and next output message and pending track name

  • 4 'Cuelist' buttons, and 4 'Hotkey' buttons

  • 'GO' button will output incremental values of Program Change or Note On Messages (USER SELECTABLE)

  • 'STOP' button to output specific MIDI string

  • Hotkey buttons output specific pre-defined MIDI message for repeatable trigger actions

  • Increment + and Increment - buttons to allow cueing of specific messages

  • Long-Drive MIDI capability to allow cable runs up to 100m

  • 12VDC powered via locking DC connector

  • USER PROGRAMMABLE to Include Additional Cue data such as Track Names via PC and MAC OS Remote Software

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