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RS8-M 8-Way Audio Switch Master / RS8-R Remote


The Nemesis RS8-M overcomes the issues associated with too many inputs and insufficient desk channels, allowing two inputs to be routed through to a single output, incredibly useful when you are working with radio microphones and other situations where two microphones are used on one source.


The large illuminated front panel buttons allow for switching between the two inputs and indicate which one is fed to the output. A single RS8-M allows for 16 inputs.

As a compliment to the RS8-M is the Nemesis RS8-R remote, allowing for remote control access and working alongside the RS8-M. Multiple units can be daisy chained in a loop, with clear colour co-ordinated indication on all units as to which input is selected.

RS8-M REAR.png
RS8-R REAR.png

Key features:

  • Large 'colour changing' front panel buttons

  • 16 inputs

  • Multiple RS8-R units can be connected for remote control access

  • Solution for dual microphoned cast members

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