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CCS2EXS - Serial Expander

Front image of the Nemesis CCS2EXS - Serial Expander for the CCS-2 Computer Control Switch

With the ability to add further flexibility to the already feature filled Nemesis CCS-2, the Nemesis CCS2EXS Serial Expander option board allows the user to control external equipment such as AV switchers or servers that have an RS232 control input (e.g. TV One 1T-C2 750 CORI02 Dual DVI/HDMI Scaler).

With the CCS-2 now increasingly being used in playback systems that contain not only audio but also video content, the need to create seamless switch over between Main and Backup computer sources for both audio and video is crucial.

Should a switch over between Main and Backup computers be necessary then not only will the CCS-2 handle all the KVM duties as normal, with other connected Nemesis units able to handle audio switching on various formats, but it can now control any associated video equipment and enable video sources to switch simultaneously and seamlessly.

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