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The Nemesis DANTESW-1 digital audio switchover unit is a reliable way to switch between two DANTE sound sources remotely via GPI or automatically as part of a changeover sequence direct from the Nemesis CCS-2 Computer Control Switch.


The standard unit enables two 32 channel sources to be switched, the unit can be expanded with the addition of one DANTESW-EXP expansion card to enable two 64 channel sources to be switched and further expanded with the addition of another DANTESW-EXP card to enable two 96 channel sources to be switched.

This professional 1U 19", standard rack mount solution is mains powered, and can be remote controlled by other equipment in the Nemesis range such as the CCS-2 Control Switch, extension button boxes, or any other 3rd party systems.


DANTESW-1 32/32/32 (Standard)


DANTESW-1 64/64/64 (Using one additional DANTESW-EXP card)


DANTESW-1 96/96/96 (Using two additional DANTESW-EXP card)

Key features:

  • Seamless switching of Dante audio

  • Switches from two 32 channel Dante streams into a single 32 channel stream (32/32/32) as standard

  • Upgradable to 64/64/64 with the addition of one rear slot DANTESW-EXP expansion card

  • Upgradable to 96/96/96 with the addition of two rear slot DANTESW-EXP expansion cards

  • All connectors on rear panel

  • Universal GPI control interface

  • Compatible with the Nemesis CCS-2 for multiple unit change over and external programmable button control

  • Optional 2nd redundant DC PSU input

  • 1U format with panel indicators

  • Use with the Nemesis ACS-1 Auto Switchover with the addition of one rear slot DANTESW-ANA expansion card


DANTESW-EXP expansion card


DANTESW-ANA expansion card

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