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MADISW 64-Channel MADI Switchover Unit

MADISW Front.png

The Nemesis MADISW 64 channel digital audio switchover unit is a reliable way to switch between two MADI sound sources, either at the push of a button, remotely via GPI or automatically as part of a changeover sequence direct from the Nemesis CCS-2 Computer Control Switch.

In addition the MADISW has a 2-channel word clock distribution amplifier to enable the two sources to share a single clock source, as well as flexible routing options for copying incoming MADI streams, mirroring output streams or setting up redundant links.

This professional 1U 19", standard rack mount solution is mains powered, and can be remote controlled by other equipment in the Nemesis range such as the CCS-2 Control Switch, extension button boxes, or any other 3rd party systems.

MADISW Rear.jpg

Key features:

  • Switch up to 64 Channels of digital audio at 48kHz/96kHz

  • BNC and Industry Standard SC Optical Input/Output Connections for MADI signals

  • Fully compatible with DIGICO single and twin engined consoles

  • Auto sensing input switching between BNC and Optical links for flexible connectivity or input redundancy

  • 2× Configurable BNC MADI Aux Out connectors can mirror input or output signals for enhanced connectivity or redundancy

  • In-Built Word Clock Distributor to provide digital clock signals for each source

  • Input signals retain their original data format allowing for non-standard information to be switched, including desk and system control data over MADI

  • Large Illuminated front panel pushbutton switches facilitate easy source selection

  • 5-Pin XLR remote port for external control and remote source indication

  • Dual wide input voltage range PSUs with front panel status indication

  • Remote switching to allow sync with Nemesis CCS-2 Computer Control Switch

  • Remote switching via 3rd Party GPI connectors

  • Aux In BNC Connector can be combined with Aux Out Connectors to form distribution for audio return path from console

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