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OSCA-DXVF Video Fader

OSCA-DXVF Front.png

Building on the success of the proven Nemesis DMXVF video fader the new OSCA-DXVF adds OSC and other advanced features  whilst still maintaining all the old favourites.

The OSCA-DXVF is a Dual Channel DMX and OSC Controlled Video Fader designed to allow users to restrict light emission levels from monitor screens - particularly those mounted in an auditorium - when darkness is required during a production.

The OSCA-DXVF maintains video sync signal during a blackout avoiding ugly 'Signal Lost' messages which would otherwise be shown on modern LCD screens.

The exact brightness can be faded directly via OSC or DMX from 0 to 100% in 1% increments, effectively treating the video screen brightness like a conventional lighting fixture.

OSCA-DXVF Software 1.png
OSCA-DXVF Rear.png
OSCA-DXVF Software 2.png

The OSCA-DXVF can form part of an extensive OSC network allowing lighting, sound, stage management and other departments to all control screen brightness if required.


With the addition of a OSCA-R5 button box different presets or states can be controlled at the push of a button allowing, for example, a musical director to dim certain screens as-and-when they wish.

Under DMX control the OSCA-DXVF can directly interface with all modern lighting consoles.

OSCA-DXVF Software 3.png

Key Features:



  • 2 × Independent composite video channels

  • In-built 4-output Video Distribution Amplifier per channel

  • Fades input signal to black while retaining sync signal



  • DMX mode mode

  • OSC mode

  • DMX with OSC fallback mode (OSC automatically takes over if DMX stream not detected)

  • Manual mode

  • Entirely separate channels - control one with DMX and the other with OSC

  • Each channel controlled by the same or separate OSC or DMX messages

  • DMX invert: video mixer (where max DMX  = max video)  or video blackout (where max DMX  = video blackout)

  • DMX thru

  • Remote set up and control over ethernet



  • 1U 19" rack mount

  • Front Panel LED display showing current status

  • 75Ω Video BNC In/Outs, 5-pin XLR DMX Connections with link-thru, industrial Ethercon network connector

  • Fully compatible with all 3rd party OSC commands and Nemesis OSCA range

  • Config download, backup and restore

  • Internet enabled for updates and upgrades

  • DHCP served or fixed IP address

  • Industrial Ethercon network connector 

  • Multicolour LEDs showing network, DMX, action and power status 

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