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OSCA-R5 5-Way Programmable Button Box

OSCA-R5 Front and Rear panels
OSCA-R5 Top Buttons

The OSCA-R5 features five programmable momentary push buttons that can be easily programmed to execute a huge range of OSC commands through simple programming of the onboard interface. Multiple OSCA-R5 button units can be deployed on a single OSC network, allowing complex and creative control scenarios to be achieved in a robust and coherent fashion.

OSCA-R5 Buttons.png

The OSCA-R5 allows control only limited by your imagination of any OSC equipped device, including Q-Lab, CSC, OSC enabled mixing consoles, d&b’s soundscape, ETC EOS lighting consoles, Yamaha's DME7 with scores of other manufacturers joining the OSC list.

Whats more is the OSCA-R5 can directly control devices that require a simple contact closure to activate a GPI relay command using a OSCA-O4 4 Channel OSC Relay Output box as part of the OSC network. Applications range from sending commands for things like opening door locks, triggering Kabuki drops and a vast range of mechanical automation control applications. 


After purchase OSCA-R5 can be upgraded to Pro Spec, adding additional power and functionality for the most demanding show control applications (see below).


The OSCA-R5 is incredibly easy to program - simply plug it into your laptop, type in the IP address and a simple but powerful user interface takes you through all the steps. If the OSCA OSC network is connected to the internet remote programming and triggering is possible via VPN, together with system updates and future upgrades. Fully compatible with all 3rd party OSC commands and the Nemesis OSCA-O4 4 Channel OSC Relay Output box.


OSCA-R5 Device Preset Screen
Screenshot of OSCA Destinations Setup page

Key features:

  • 5 independent IP67 rated high quality momentary push buttons

  • Variable “de-bounce” (0 > 2000ms)

  • Each OSCA-R5 can hold up to 5 OSC network device destinations in its memory*

  • Each of the 5 buttons can send a message to 2 separate OSC network device destinations at the same time**

  • Simple yet powerful programming via embedded user interface (no need for set up programs or internet connection)

  • Presets for basic Q-Lab, CSC and Nemesis OSCA-O4 Relay Box operation

  • Advanced mode for free-form complex OSC string commands

  • Fully compatible with all 3rd party OSC commands and Nemesis Osca-O4 Relay Box

  • Internet enabled for updates and upgrades

  • DHCP served or fixed IP address

  • Industrial Ethercon network connector 

  • Multicolour LED showing network and power status 

  • Power over ethernet enabled (POE)

  • Alternative 5VDC powered (USB C-Type)

OSCA-R5-PRO upgrade:

*   Each OSCA-R5-PRO can hold up to 8 OSC network device destinations in its memory

** Each of the 5 Pro buttons can send 4 individual commands to 4 separate OSC network device destinations at the same time


Supplied in the box:

  • OSCA-R5

  • 1m CAT5 cable

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