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UMT-2D MIDI Control Interface

UMT-2D Top.png

The Award Winning Nemesis UMT-2D is a perfect standalone solution for the complex external connectivity requirements of theatrical control and playback software, including QLab, CSC, SFX, SCS, Ableton Live and similar packages.

By centralising all external inputs and converting them to standard MIDI commands, the UMT-2D makes interfacing to a single piece of software quick and easy and can simplify all programming and playback requirements.

Manufactured in a rugged hard wearing box, the UMT-2D provides an interface between external GPI signals, such as operator GO and STOP button pushes or MD triggers, and the host computer via USB MIDI data.

UMT-2D:i Front.png
UMT-2D:i Back.png

Key features:

  • 2 × 3-Pin XLR over-voltage protected inputs for external push button triggering, e.g. MD Start/Stop via an analogue stage multicore link

  • 9-Pin D-SUB connection to facilitate button panels or trigger boxes, e.g. Nemesis REM5D, REM8D

  • Class-compliant integrated USB MIDI Interface, PC and Mac compatible

  • External MIDI interface via breakout providing physical MIDI IN and 2 MIDI OUTs

  • Activity LEDs for button status and enumeration information

  • USB Bus Powered

  • Standalone Mode to allow use as a MIDI generator

  • Internally selectable Program Change/Note On Messages

  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 > 11

  • Compatible with Mac OS Mojave > Sonoma

  • Requires USB-A Port or Thunderbolt > USB-A Dock if on Apple Silicon

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