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TCD-2 Advanced Time Code Generator & Display with Memory Functions


The new and highly powerful Nemesis TCD-2 Time Code Display is a multi-function unit designed not only as a display of your timecode function but can also operate as a timecode generator with the ability to output Linear Time Code (XLR) and MIDI Time Code (5-pin DIN) and convert from one to the other, with many unique features.

Sporting a large, dimmable 8-digit display in a 1/2 rack 1U case, the user can opt to visually hide the "frames" digits for environments  where these could be distracting. The TCD-2 also sports a handy 3/8" mic stand adapter on its base meaning it can be mounted in multiple ways for different applications.

When in Reader Mode and paired via GP to a Nemesis REM8D 8 way button box  more unique features, tailored to the Live markets, are revealed:


  • Start/Stop stopwatch

  • Hold/Reset stopwatch. Hold when in Reader mode.

  • Switch to Reader mode

  • Switch to Stopwatch mode

  • Display the most recent Hold button value

  • Display the second most recent Hold button value

  • Display the third most recent Hold button value

  • Display the fourth most recent Hold button value


Key features:

  • Current Frame Per Second display

  • MMC controllable LTC/MTC generator mode

  • USB powering option, use with a USB power pack for field use

  • USB MIDI interface functionality when connected to a computer

  • Front panel Hold button for freezing timecode points

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