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OSCA-O4 4-Channel OSC Relay Output

OSCA-04 4-Channel OSC Relay Output
OSCA-04 rear view

The OSCA-O4 allows control only limited by your imagination of devices that require a simple contact closure to activate command by converting the OSC command to relay close, relay open, or momentary action. Applications range from sending a command to the GPI input of non-OSC equipped mixing consoles to opening a door lock, triggering a Kabuki drop and mechanical automation control.  

Screenshot of network settings page for OSCA-04 device

The OSCA-O4 is incredibly easy to program - simply plug it into your laptop, type in the IP address and a simple but powerful user interface takes you through all the steps. If the Osca OSC network is connected to the internet, remote programming and triggering is possible via VPN, together with system updates and future upgrades. Fully compatible with all 3rd party OSC commands and the Nemesis OSCA Button Box range.

Screenshot of Relays setting page for OSCA-04

Key features:

  • 4 independent volt free GPO relay control outputs

  • Latching or momentary action

  • Contacts rated at 0.5 amp 60VDC or 100VAC (max)​ each

  • Relay LED status lights

  • Outputs via industrial Phoenix style connector (matching part number 1757307)

  • Simple yet powerful programming via embedded user interface (no need for set up programs or internet connection)

  • Fully compatible with all 3rd party OSC commands and Nemesis OSCA Button box range

  • Internet enabled for updates and upgrades

  • DHCP served or fixed IP address

  • Industrial Ethercon network connector 

  • Multicolour LED showing network and power status 

  • Recessed “reset” button 

  • Power over ethernet enabled (POE)

  • Alternative 5VDC powered (USB C-Type)


Supplied in the box:

  • OSCA-O4

  • 1m CAT5 cable

  • Mating Phoenix style connector 

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