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The OSCA-IO16 is a next generation multiple command destination show control solution featuring OSC Network input, with 16 opto-isolated inputs and 16 relay outputs.

OSCA-IO16 Rear.png

The professional's choice, housed in a rugged 1U rack mount cased sporting 16 independent GPI input channels and 16 separate independent GPO output channels. 36 front mounted status LED's monitor the twin redundant onboard AC power supplies, GPI activity, GPO activity and network status.

OSCAIO16 1.png

The OSCA-IO16 is packed with power and advanced features. 

The OSCA-IO16 can hold up to 16 OSC network device destinations in its memory and each of the 16 entirety separate GPI inputs can send  4 individual OSC commands to 4 separate OSC network device destinations at the same time. Opto-isolated inputs allow both dry contact closure & low volt logic circuits to be connected.

The 16 independent GPO relays also convert dedicated OSC commands to relay close, relay open, or momentary action allowing complex control of 3rd party devices.

An separate isolated DC/DC converter provides an independent 1W 5V DC output allowing the relays to connect to a wide range of GPIO logic level interfaces as well as providing closed contact switching.

With so much power at one's fingertips the OSCA-IO16 features configuration backup and restore, so you never have to remember your settings.

The OSCA-IO16 is incredibly easy to program - simply plug it into your laptop, type in the IP address and a simple but powerful user interface takes you through all the steps. If the OSCA OSC network is connected to the internet, remote programming and triggering is possible via VPN, together with system updates and future upgrades. Fully compatible with all 3rd party OSC commands and the Nemesis OSCA  range.

MJ The Musical Nemesis Research OSCA OSC

Deployed on the world's leading productions.

OSCA IO16 4.png
OSCA IO16 3.png

Key features:

Advanced GPI:

  • 16 independent opto-isolated inputs for dry contact closure & low volt logic circuits

  • Variable “de-bounce” (0 > 2000ms)

  • Each OSCA-I016 can hold up to 16 OSC network device destinations in its memory

  • Each of the 16 inputs can send a message to 4 separate OSC network device destinations at the same time

  • Simple yet powerful programming via embedded user interface (no need for set up programs or internet connection)

  • Presets for basic Qlab, CSC and Nemesis OSCA-O4 Relay Box operation

  • Advanced mode for free-form complex OSC string commands

  • Inputs via 2 standard 9 pin D-Sub connectors


Advanced GPO:

  • 16 independent volt free GPO relay control outputs

  • Latching, momentary or pulse action

  • Contacts rated at 0.5 amp 60VDC or 100VAC (max)​ each

  • Separate, independent, full floating, regulated 5vdc reference to ground output

  • Relay LED status lights

  • Outputs via standard 15 pin D-Sub connectors


  • Config download, backup and restore

  • Internet enabled for updates and upgrades

  • DHCP served or fixed IP address

  • Industrial Ethercon network connector 

  • Twin redundant onboard power supplies

  • 110vac > 240vac operation

  • 36 Multicolour LED showing network, GPI, GPO and power status

  • Recessed “reset” button

  • Fully compatible with all 3rd party OSC commands and Nemesis OSCA range


Supplied in the box:

  • OSCA-IO16

  • 1m CAT5 cable

  • PowerCon to UK plug

  • Pin configuration diagram

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